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"Here I was January 2016, way heavier than I wanted to be, unhappy in my body and covering up with scarves and jackets and sweaters all the time...I didn't wear them because I liked it, I wore them to cover up...September 2016-now...I wear scarves, cardigans and jackets because I love to... And I'm down 26 pounds and love going to the gym and learning to lift heavy things!"


- Sarah 

Look at what a difference just 6 months can make!


Dan has dropped 25 lbs of fat, gained incredible strength, and improved his overall health and fitness by consistency strength training at FFP. 


Way to go Dan!

"When I met Michael (owner of FFP), the most I did to work out was a little of P-90x and running. I didn't really know how to progress on my own since I had always depended on playing sports and coaches through out high school for my fitness. On my own I didn't really know what to do.


When Michael showed me how to get strong and make progress I was in awe at how strong I could actually get because I had always been a twig! I now know how important it is to get protein, carbs and the right nutrients to keep growing and staying healthy.


So thankful to be where I am today! 💪🏼👍🏼"


                                                                                                   - Haleigh

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