4 Things I Saw Yesterday That Drove Me Nuts

Yesterday I trained at a large commercial gym for the first time in a while. Let's just say, what I saw wasn't pretty.


Here are four things I saw that drove me absolutely nuts.


1) Curling in the squat rack.


This is one of my most hated things I see in the gym. (The infamous quarter squaters being number one). First of all, doing bicep curls will not make you inherently stronger, and in my opinion are a complete waste of time, but if you must get your huge pump, do so outside of the squat rack. People actually use the squat rack to perform an exercise that has benefits to their fitness.



2) Personal trainers sticking their clients on machines.


People are paying big bucks to trainers and they stick the client on a machine. Why on earth are you still paying this person?


First of all, machines are some of the worst gym equipment ever created. Secondly, each machine has a description already on it...so even if you did use one, it already tells you how to use it. Lastly, if you are paying high dollar to a coach, wouldn't you want them to actually coach you?...You know like actually demonstrate exercises and correct you as you are performing the exercise so you actually learn something while you are working out?



3) People using your phone in between every set.


Very simply put, you at the gym to work out, not to check Facebook and Twitter. How do you expect to make progress if you constantly are distracted when you should be focused on the task at hand?


You can survive an hour without your phone. Your friends will not miss you if you do not like their status or tweet two minutes after they post it.


Put the phone away and concentrate on your workout if you want to start seeing better results.




4) Do not leave your weights for someone else to clean up.


When someone walks up to a rack or a bench they should not have to take off the plates that you were too lazy to take off. Take the extra sixty seconds, take off the plates and leave the bar just as you would want to have it when you first start your sets. People at the gym aren't your mother and don't want to clean up after you.


My intention in writing this was not to call anyone out, rather to inform people on some proper gym etiquette. Hope this helps.


Till next time,







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