Week Review: 5/2 - A Thank You, Running, Strength, and Goals

The FFP website has now officially been up for one week and let me just say it has been a great first week.


I really appreciate all of you who have read my posts...bear with me, they will get better. I hope some of the imformation I have written has helped you in some way.


Please feel free to comment on posts if you have any questions about any topic. Also, any suggestions of topics that you would like to learn more about would be greatly appreciated. I am here for you!


Now, in case you missed it, here are this week's blog posts:


4/25 Running: Start Gradually


4/28 Want To Get Stronger? - Lift Heavy


4/29 EOW: Landmine Single-Arm Press


4/30 4 Things I Saw Yesterday That Drove Me Nuts


5/1 Setting Goals


Also, be on the lookout Monday morning for my very first article "Distance Running and Strength Training (Part 1)". I am super excited to be writing this article for you all!


Well, that is it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Till next time,









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