EOTW 5/6/14: Stationary Lunge

This week's Exercise of the Week is the stationary lunge!


The stationary lunge is a great exercise for teaching the proper mechanics of a lunge since the exercise involves no movement other than straight up and straight down,


A common mistake is that a lot of people tend to concentrate on their front leg when lunging, however the lunge is all about your back leg.


Here are a few tips to remember when lunging:


1) Longer stance (distance between your front and back foot) - narrow stance does not allow you to keep your knee over your your ankle/midfoot

2) Keep chest up, look up

3) Drop back knee straight down - no forward motion

4) Bend back knee as it travels toward the ground


Start performing the stationary lunge to work on the basics and perfect your form before moving onto more difficult lunge variations.


Hope this helps!


Till next time,





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