Week Review 5/9: Distance Running, Online Coaching, and Deadlifting

I have had a great week and I hope each one of you have had the same!


It's finally warm enough outside that people are starting to gravitate towards the beach. (And in Va Beach, we know what that means)




On Monday I released my first article. If you like running and have not read it, I highly suggest reading it! You can read it here .


Also, in case you missed it, here are this past week's blog posts:


Distance Running and Strength Training (Part 1) - How strength training will make you a better runner.


EOTW 5/6/14: Stationary Lunge - A great introductory exercise to single leg work. Check out how to do it and a couple variations to the exercise.


A Little Tip To Save Your Back When Deadlifting - Does your back hurt when deadlifting? This little tip will help.


5 Reasons To Hire An Online Coach - Don't know what online coaching has to offer? Are you looking for a much cheaper solution to personal training? Check this out.


Lastly, if you liked the blog on deadlifting, be on the lookout for my next article coming out on Monday "Deadlifting - Why and How"


Hope you have an excellent weekend!


Till next time,










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