Why Crunches Are A Waste Of Time

What if I said doing an endless amount of crunches is a complete waste of time?



Well they are and here's why.


First off, I want to knock out the reason most people do crunches in the first place. Crunches do not give you a six-pack. You can't spot reduce fat. Research has been done over and over again and the result is always the same. Spot reduction is not possible.


You want a nice looking mid-section? Well you better start eating right because that is 90% of having a great mid-section.


If crunches really did give you a six-pack, then everyone you see doing crunches at the gym would be walking around with a chiseled stomach, right?


Exactly my point.


Secondly, what do you do most of the day? You sit down, right? Sitting puts your body in a continually flexed state which can be detrimental to posture and lower back health.


How do you perform a crunch? You pull your chest towards your legs, putting yourself into a flexed position. Why spend more time in a position that is detrimental to posture?


Lastly, one of the major functions of the core is the prevention of motion. What does that mean?


It means that the abdominals are great stabilizers. Work on the what core is made to do, stabalize and resist motion. Do some heavy squats and deadlifts, both of which require a huge amount of core stabilization. Some other great exercises to work on core stabilization and resistance of motion are planks and pallof presses.



So you want a more defined mid-section or six-pack abs?


Well then I suggest you check your diet. You need to lose body fat to uncover your abs. You already have them, you just need to reveal them. It is really simple, you need to create a slight calorie deficit so your body can burn excess body fat each day.


Great mid-sections are made in the kitchen. You can't out train a bad diet!


So here is your formula to success:


Lift heavy + eat less/better = Great mid-section



Till next time,









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