Week Review 5/16: You're Awesome!

Seriously, each one of you who read my blog are awesome. So awesome that I am giving away a month FREE when you purchase 3 months of training. So that works out to be only $140 for 4 months of personalized fitness coaching with unlimited contact with me. A detailed, individualized routine to help you reach your specific goals - FOR ONLY $35 a month! (That is only $1.16 a day!)


Each program starts with an initial assesment, next we talk together about what your goals are, and then I will make your personalized routine (including warm-ups, a detailed routine - both strength and conditioning exercise, a cool-down, and mobility exercises). After you have your 4 week routine (you will recieve a brand new routine every month - you will never get bored) you are ready to start achieving your goals. During this time period, you will also have full access to me via phone, email, or video to answer any question you may have regarding your routine or anything fitness related.


Do you like to run? Are you training for a race? Then do not miss out on my running training program in which I provide your weekly/monthly target mileage, running workouts (tempos, intervals, speed, strides, etc. – depending on goals), paces for all runs/workouts, mobility drills, and customized resistance training workouts. All of this for the same price of $1.16 a day when you buy your first 3 months!


Hurry, do not miss your chance! Only the first 5 people will get this great deal! Click here to take you to my coaching services page.


Lastly, if you missed any of this week's posts, be sure to check them out:


5/12 - Deadlifting - The Why and How - The deadlift is one of the best exercises you can ever do.


5/14 - Why Crunches Are A Waste Of Time - If you perform crunches, be sure to check this out.


5/15 - EOTW 5/25: RDL (Romanian Deadlift) - A variation of the deadlift, watch a video to see how to perform it.


Hope you have a great weekend!


Till next time,









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