Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

People always wonder why they continually work out month after month, year after year, and don't really see a change in their body or strength levels.


Well here is why...


You are stuck in your comfort zone.


Seriously, how do you expect to continually see results if you are continually training inside your comfort zone?


The human body is an amazing piece of creation. It is always trying to adapt to the stimulus you place on it. This means that after a few short weeks, if nothing in your routine has changed, the body has probabaly adapted to the stimulus you are placing on it and you are no longer getting much benefit from doing the exercise (besides maybe burning a few calories).


If you want to continually get stronger, get more fit, run faster, look better, etc. you have to step outside your comfort zone and place a new stress on your body.


There are numerous ways to place a new stress on your body. Using more weight for an exercise is probably the most effective way to getting stronger, but doing more repetitions with the same weight, performing an exercise you have not done in a while - or ever, shortening rest times, increasing range of motion through the lift, and increasing time under tension are all great ways to generate a new stimulus to continually seeing results.


Also, if you really want to start seeing results, you need to step outside your comfort zone and start performing exercises that you may view as hard, too complex, not for you, etc.


Start doing deadlifts instead of leg curls, start doing squats instead of leg extensions, start doing chin-ups instead of bicep curls, start doing overhead press instead of lateral raises, start doing pushups instead of dumbell flys. Put down you iPad or magazine while you are walking on the treadmill and do some intervals. You get the point?

Nothing worth achieving ever comes easy.


Many people fail to realize that being fit, being strong, getting the results they want is supposed to be hard. It's not supposed to be pleasant or easy.


Watch people train that are strong, are very fit, and have great physiques. Watch how they train, how focused they are, what exercises they are performing, and how they step outside of their comfort zone on a daily basis.


So step outside your comfort zone, perform exercises that you may label as "hard", place a new stress on your body, and start making tremedous progress.



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