Week Review 5/30 - Protein, Running, and Comfort Zone

Hey ladies and gents, sorry I have missed a couple days of blogging over the past two weeks. I have been extremely busy with summer classes, work, and preparing for my first ever powerlifting meet - but I promise I will be more consistent with my posts in the coming weeks.


Since I failed to get out a week review last week, I want to go ahead and give you the opportunity to read the blog posts from the last two weeks in case you missed them:


5/19 - Protein - The Right Amount : How much protein should you be eating?


5/20 - Distance Running and Strength Training (Part 2) : This part details how to program your running and strength training together for the best results.


5/22 - Why Single-Leg Exercises Are A Must : Fix imbalances, improve performance, and improve hip strength with single-leg work.


5/27 - Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone : Not seeing results? Don't let this hold you back.


5/28 - Runners - Don't Set Your Daily Training Schedule in Stone : This post is directed at runners, but it is a good lesson for anyone to learn.


I hope everyone has a great weekend! Get outside, be active, and even crush a workout.


Well I'm off to go weigh-in for my meet. Hopefully I have good news to report to you after my meet on Saturday!


Till next time,











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