Women and Strength Training

When strength training is mentioned around women the typical response is, "But I don't want to get big or bulky." And then the women proceeds to walk on the treadmill or pedal away on the stationary bike. I've never really understood stationary cardio machines in the first place..why do drive to a gym to get on a stationary cardio machine and then leave? Anyways, let's get back on topic.


Women, I have news for you - you WILL NOT all of sudden get huge muscles by lifting some weight heavier than a 10 pound dumbbell.


First of all, it takes years of hard work to build muscles to a size you are thinking of, even for a man. It's hard enough for a man with ample amounts of testosterone to put on muscle, so what makes you think it will happen in a couple of months for you?

This leads me to my next point.


Women plain and simple do not have the amount of testosterone necessary to build large muscles. The women you have seen in magazines that have caused you to shy away from strength training are 99.9% of the time on some type of steroid or performance enhancing drug.


Lastly, muscles don't grow out of thin air. Building muscles takes an excess amount of calories. So unless you are consistently eating hundreds of calories more than you burn in a day, then have no fear of packing on muscle mass.


So I want to challenge you. Do heavy compound exercises. Put down the 5 pound dumbbells, step away from the hour long monotonous stationary bike ride, and work your way up to pressing 20, 30, even 50 pound dumbbells, squat with a loaded barbell, deadlift, and do modified pull-up or rowing variations.


Do this for a few of months. If you don't see more results in those three months than you did in the last year of working out on the cardio equipment and using 5-10 pound dumbbells, then feel free to leave any opinion or comment you may have.


Just because you are a woman does not mean you should train much differently than a man. In fact, there are plenty of women that are stronger than a lot of men, that look way better than your typical cardio queen.


Strong is the new skinny.



Till next time,







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