The Time is Now

I hear it almost everyday.


"I'd love to get started...but I'm waiting for the perfect time."


This is usually followed by an excuse such as -


When I'm not as busy.


When I can find someone to exercise with.


When I lose some weight.


When I learn exercises and how to do them.


When I can afford a gym membership.




What do all of these excuses have in common?


They allow you to justify to yourself that you do not need to exercise right now. It gets you out of the act of doing.


People fear the act of exercising.


This is what a lot people like to think anyways.


What most people actually fear is the start. They fear how out of shape they are, the thought of being uncomfortable, or what other people may think of them.


The word start means to initiate action. When people think of starting or "initiating action", they think of something new, think of being outside thier comfort zone, or think of having to do something they may not like and this scares them.


The fear of initiating action is what causes most people to fail.



Starting feels like resistance. It hurts, it's uncomfortable, it's new.


Some people have tried to start before and it came with some unpleasant exepience. They tried to exercise and they almost fainted, almost puked, had no idea what to do, or couldn't walk the next three days. And since they had this experience, they think that is how it will always be.


This is the furthest thing from the truth.


In fact, you just completed the hardest part of your entire journey. The start.


You don't have to push through that feeling everytime, just at the beginning.


Things will get better. You will make it through workouts without the feeling of puking, without feeling like you are going to pass out, you will start to be less sore after a few workouts, you will learn what exercises to do and how to do them, you will start to feel more comfortable when exercising around other people, you will start to feel more confident in yourself, you will be successful in your obtaining your fitness and health goals.


All you have to do is start. Start from the beginning.


The perfect time is now.




Till next time,



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