"You've Got to be HUNGRY!"

I had the privilege to be able to travel to Phoenix this past weekend for the Vemma Convention. The theme this year was "Focus" and wow, did they get me focused.


World renowned motivational speaker Les Brown kicked off the convention with a hard hitting message that had the theme of his famous line, "You've got to be HUNGRY!"


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Along with Les Brown, I had the opportunity to learn from personal trainers Chris and Heidi Powell (from ABC's prime-time series "Extreme Weight Loss"), inspirational speaker Eric Worre, and many successful entrepreneurs. 


Although this was more of business and motivational convention, there were some key take-aways (golden nuggets of wisdom) that not only apply to business, but to anyone who has a dream or vision. 


Everyone reading this has a goals, dreams or a vision for themselves and for their fitness journey. Take these next few pieces of advice and use them as motivation to go out and achieve them.

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Enjoy these golden nuggets :


- "You've got to be hungry!" You have to really want to something to achieve it. Kind of wanting something will not cut it.


- OQP - Only Quality People. You have to surround yourself with positive like-minded people. Doing so will keep distractions to a minimum and production to a maximum.


- Do not put a scope on your mind that will limit your possibilities. People tend to put limits on what they can achieve based on what others tell them they can achieve and what they perceive to be possible. You will only go as high as you believe you can go. Break this barrier, this scope, and you will achieve things you never thought possible.


- Create very distinct goals, or a very distinct vision. Then start with the end in mind and reverse engineer the path that will get you to the end goal. 


-  Create expectations of yourself every single day. Sit down each night (or wake up earlier in the morning) and make a list of everything you want to do the next day (or that day) that will move you closer to achieving your goal, dream, or vision. 


Perhaps the greatest nugget of wisdom from the weekend came from young entrepreneur Alex Morton. He has used what he calls the "7 Mindset Principles" on his way to earning over 2 million dollars and counting (he is only 25 years old).

These principles are not just for entrepreneurs, but they can be used by you to change your mindset on what you can achieve in your fitness journey.


1) Awareness


You CAN achieve what you want.


You just have to BELIEVE you can achieve it.


Confidence in yourself. Motivation to achieve your goal. Inspiration by those who have achieved similar goals and dreams as yourself.


Do what ever it takes to obtain these three valuable tools. Watch motivational videos, listen to motivational speeches, read inspirational stories of people achieving similar goals, surround yourself with confident and motivated people. Do these often. Very often. 


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2) Wants


What you really want comes from the essence of who you are.


Everyone is different. Everyone likes different things, has different interests, and wants to achieve different things.  


Don't try to be someone else. Be yourself. Create your own vision. Make your own goals. 


3) Decision


The decision to do what is required, high or low, near or far, to get there. This is a journey.


This decision comes once you are inspired, motivated, and have confidence in yourself that you can do whatever it takes along the way to achieve your goal. 


The decision is not an action. It is a mindset. 


4) Commitment


This separates the crowd.


There is a difference between doing something and giving everything you have to something.


Most people fall into the first category.


Those who really want to achieve their goals will go above and beyond, every single-day, to achieve them. 


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5) Accountability


Make commitments, tell other people, then figure out how to do it.


Most people figure out how to do it, then make the commitment, and then tell other people if they are successful in it.


If you first make a commitment and tell people before you figure out how to do it or make it work, you then HAVE to carry out your commitment.


You don't have an option. People are counting on you to carry out your commitment and therefore keeping you accountable.


6) Discipline 


The ability to give yourself a command and follow through.


When you say you are going to do something, accountability on takes you so far. You must combine that with self-discipline to see the greatest progress towards achieving your goals. 


Everyone wants, everyone is able, FEW are willing.

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7) Vision


Where do you want to be? What do you want to achieve?


Begin with the end in mind.  Then reverse engineer (figure out) the steps necessary to get there - the end goal.


Those who dream the biggest, those who have the biggest vision, achieve the biggest accomplishments. 


I'll leave you with this: 


If you make an effort to make yourself 0.03% better than you were yesterday, just 0.03% better, and do that every single-day, then in one year you will be 100% better, 200% better in two years, 400% better in three years, 800% better in four years, 1600% better in five years, and so forth. 


Concentrate on the 0.03% today, be consistent, and you will accomplish goals and dreams you never thought you could (credit goes to Eric Worre for that nugget).


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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Artie Bulman - Diamond Leader,Vemma Health & Wellness (Thursday, 18 June 2015 04:45)

    This is an amazing and very concise description of the event.
    Success leaves clues, and to accomplish and have what successful people have and will do...
    You must have the discipline to do what they do.
    The simple steps you listed, A simple keys to success.
    They are there for all to take advantage of but only a few will actually do what's necessary to achieve these goals.
    Or as Les Brown would say… Only the hungry will do what it takes.

  • #2

    Forward Fitness & Performance (Thursday, 18 June 2015 14:50)

    Artie, very well said. Thanks for the great input!

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