Group Training - Friday (8-8-17)


4 x 8ea Bulgarian Split Squats

4 x 8 Dumbbell Row


Accessory: Rest 60 sec between rounds

3 x 10 Kettlebell Deadlifts

3 x 10 Neutral Grip Overhead Press

3 x max Reverse Crunches



Part 1: Team Relay 3 rounds.

Everyone forms a line and does a different exercise. The first team member in line runs a lap while the others are simultaneously doing their exercise. When the first team member comes around, the next team member in front runs and everyone switches exercises.

1 Lap around Building

Skater Jumps

Quick Step ups (on curb)


Part 2: With time remaining as many rounds as you can.

30 sec In-Out Ropes

12 Slam Ball Slams

D&B Farmer Carry

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