“After years of struggling with injuries in group fitness classes due to back issues I have with scoliosis, I had just stopped working out.  I continued to have significant back issues & went to the chiropractor every other week.  I knew that I needed to strengthen the muscles in my core and back & my chiropractor had given me exercises to do so but I couldn’t seem to get motivated to do them on my own.  It took being diagnosed with Osteoporosis last summer to get my attention.  I made a decision to get serious about my health and taking care of the one body I’ll have in this lifetime.  I had known that women “my age” needed to do strength training to prevent Osteoporosis but even being diagnosed with Osteopenia, a precursor to Osteoporosis, several years ago, hadn’t motivated me to do anything consistently.  In August 2017, after my wake up call, I met with Michael Bailey, at Forward Fitness & Performance, to see if he could help me. Soon thereafter, I started semi-personal training with Michael twice a week and what a difference it has made for me!  These sessions have strengthened all of my muscles & I feel so much better.   I have never been athletic and have limitations due to my scoliosis but Michael is so patient & works right around these things.  I appreciate that the workouts are tailored to my specific abilities and needs.  I don’t have to keep up with everyone around me.   Many of the people at Forward Fitness are actual athletes who are in training but they are always so friendly and encouraging even though they are working out on a whole different level than I am.   I look forward to strong bones & and improvement in my health in the years ahead instead of a decline!  Thank you Michael & everyone at Forward Fitness & Performance!”

I’d like to start off by thanking Lin Olsen for shoving me in Michael’s direction.  I had recently lost a chunk of weight and was as weak as a kitten.  I had concentrated on cardio so much during my weight loss to create a calorie deficit that I had neglected the strength part of the equation.  I knew I needed to start a strength program, but I was terrified of injury and derailing my maintenance program. Walking through the door of FFP and meeting Michael was the answer.  Michael pushes me further than I think I can go and does so while ensuring that I’m doing every rep of every exercise safely.  I have learned to trust Michael when he says it’s time to add weight; although, I’ll never trust his rep count! ☺ Michael, Haleigh and Leah have created a place that is warm, welcoming, and a fun place to work up a sweat.  Thanks to the support of everyone I have met at FFP I completed the Army 10 Miler on October 8th which is something I couldn’t even contemplate 6 months ago!

Ron and Patty Rabago

"We have enjoyed our training sessions at FFP and both of us have benefited from our programs. I have been working with FFP for over 2 years and Ron has been training for a few months. While our goals are a little different, both of us have seen our overall core strength improve and energy levels increase especially on those long days when we go hiking or perform other strenuous activities. Ron has seen his road cycling endurance and strength improve. We are an active couple that travels frequently and its nice to have reserves to draw on when we push the limits. We both appreciate the custom program developed for us that results in real progress from week to week. We look forward to continuing with FFP to achieve and sustain our goals."

Billie Jo Bonney

"I've been working with Michael for 2 years and have seen amazing results in that time (334lb dead lift!). I have never felt stronger or healthier. Michael is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging without feeling like your doing the same thing week after week. (Hello boring Cardio!) He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Michael will lead you every step of the way.

Thank you Michael, you are the best!"


Arielle Bacon

"I am about to begin my 8th month of training at FFP, and wow, what a difference 8 months makes! In the past 8 months, I’ve come to love the community and camaraderie at Forward Fitness. There’s always someone around to cheer you on and push you to crush it just a little bit harder than you thought possible. The FFP Family is a real thing, guys!


When I started training, my main goal was to strengthen my core and back and overcome issues I had with back pain stemming from scoliosis and a car accident in college. I started group training on February 3rd with Haleigh, barely able to deadlift 35 pounds, struggling through v-ups, and fighting to do even 1 kettle bell swing. This summer, I set a PR with 3 150lb deadlifts, added weight to my v-ups, and cranked out some kettle bell swings. In fact, in May of this year I took a job working with flowers - a job that requires me to shift heavy boxes, squat, and carry buckets full of water for 6-8 hours a day, 4-5 days a week. And guess what? After just 3 months of training, I was able to all of that PAIN FREE! Never in a million years did I think ‘pain free’ would be an option.


I’m so thankful for Michael, Haleigh, and Leah for the roles they have played in helping me reach this point. What’s even more exciting is that my ability to create and achieve goals beyond that has grown exponentially and I can’t wait to see what ‘impossibility’ I tackle next."

Tim Lacey

"FFP, I really do love this place. As I've heard from many of you, it's true that this place feels like family. When I started in March 2017, I was timid about meeting new people, but everyone embraced me with open arms. I instantly felt at home and was immediately put through the ringer by Michael. You really don't know how out of shape you are until you do a finisher with Michael and you end up revisiting your lunch. That only happened once, because I quickly got in shape with his help.


The first six months I focused on my overall health, cardio fitness and building lean muscle. With the FFP families help, it worked and I ended up losing 8% body fat. I also crushed the Rock and Roll Half Marathon with a 2:35, subtracting about 30 minutes from my last 1/2. Now I look forward to many other races including the Shamrock Marathon in March, which will be my 1 year anniversary with FFP.


When I came to FFP, my diabetes type II was uncontrolled and I tried everything to control it, but nothing worked. FFP helped me get rid of the belly fat and strengthen my core, then something happened that hasn't happened in 12 years since being diagnosed. My last blood test showed my diabetes in the normal zone of someone without diabetes. I know I will always have diabetes, but having it under control is a huge weight off my shoulders.


I'm starting my next 6 month cycle and I will be concentrating on building mass, something I have never done before. I know with Michael's help, he will get me where I want to go and beyond. I still run twice a week and look forward to Tuesday night Zumba with Leah. Zumba is a great way to add cardio to your workout, dance and just have a great time doing it. I look forward to seeing all my friends at FFP on Tuesday and Thursday."


Christina Peterson

"I have always been an active person and an avid walker, but my fitness journey really began when my children graduated from college and moved out on their own. As an empty nester, I found myself with a lot more free time, so I started running and working out.


I acquired one injury after another and found myself spending as much time in physical therapy as I did in the gym. I met with Michael in January 2017 and he assured me that with the right training, he could help me reduce my risk of injury while running. So I began group strength training on February 1st.

When I started working out at FFP I was blown away by the amount of weight that the ladies were lifting. I was familiar with many of the exercises, but at a much lighter weight. My first weeks of training included Bulgarian Split Squats, which I had done before with a few dumbbells. My eyes were as big as saucers when Michael insisted that I use a 45 lb. barbell. Week after week he’d add more weight. Needless to say, I think Michael had more confidence in me than I had in myself.


I remember asking him while bench pressing one day (probably my least favorite exercise), “How exactly is this exercise going to help my running?” He informed me that I needed to be strong all over to run better. Upper body strength was just as important as lower body strength.


My long runs during the hot and humid summer were tough. My legs were always fatigued. I’d complain about heavy squats and deadlifts prior to long runs. Michael kept assuring me that I needed to push through and just take it slow. He’d say how great I was going to feel on fresh legs. 


Although I grumbled and complained a lot, I did whatever crazy exercise he told me to do and I did it to the best of my ability. I put my trust in him that he knew what he was doing and was going to get me to the start line of the 2017 Rock n Roll ½ Marathon injury free.

I attended a nutrition seminar at FFP and then Michael helped me dial in my nutrition along with the macro breakdown. I not only lost 5 pounds, but I was able to achieve my first chin up at the lighter weight.


Michael’s AWESOME coaching, along with my total commitment and consistency with working out 3 days a week made it possible for me to get to the start line injury free. I felt stronger and more confident during the entire race. I achieved a new PR of 2:26, which was an improvement of 9 minutes.


I love working out at FFP and I adore Michael and Haleigh. I look forward to “crushing” workouts and in seeing how my future races will go."

Tyler Wilson

"Tyler started Forward Fitness's Sports Performance training the first of March. He came to Kody needing help with speed, agility and strength training in order to help him to improve in football. Tyler realized within the first session that he needed this training and also really liked training with Kody.


Since he started training, he has improved greatly in his speed and agility. He is stronger faster and has gained a higher level of endurance. Tyler will continue to train with Kody and I am confident that he will just keep building upon every aspect of his sport! 


As far as anyone interested in bringing their student athlete to Kody, its money well spent. Your athlete will work very hard in training with someone who has a desire to get your student to the next level. Kody is tough but also very encouraging to his athletes."

Amanda Coffin

"This 'before' picture was the turning point for me. I knew I needed to improve my health but I was intimidated by the thought of lifting weights or even stepping foot into a gym! I am so glad I took that first small step into FFP with Michael, Kody, and the rest of the team. In just six months that small step has turned into big strides; I've built muscle, lost 14 lbs, and most importantly I've gained my confidence back!"

Dan Howland

Look at what a difference just 6 months can make!


Dan has dropped 25 lbs of fat, gained incredible strength, and improved his overall health and fitness by consistency strength training at FFP. 


Way to go Dan!

Kelly Necklason

"The before photo is from January, the yellow shirt photo is from 5-8-17. I’ve lost 16.8 pounds and gained strength and endurance. I started with just once a week and now I come two times a week. I have found that gaining muscle has helped to accelerate my weight loss. I feel better and sleep better too!"

Tracy Reed

"I started out with FFP in January 2017. I was working on losing weight on my own- which I've done many times before- and I had lost about 6 pounds since November 2016. I saw a post from FFP on Facebook and decided to check them out. I entered the New Years drawing for a $100 gift certificate and I won! Since then I have been coming to group training sessions about twice a week, depending on my workschedule. On days that I don't come to FFP, I always try to make sure I do something active- yoga, jogging, cardio, at-home workout videos, etc. I have also been focusing on better nutrition. I have seriously cut back on the amount of carbs I eat, especially at night, and tried to eat lots of protein and vegetables. My favorite meal is scrambled eggs with broccoli and a sprinkle of cheese! Snacking at night has always been a huge setback for me, so I've been working on getting that under control too. My biggest motivation right now, other than improving my everyday life, is getting in shape for my job. I work as an EMT, and I have applied to the fire academy to become a firefighter as well. I need to be in the best shape possible to keep up with the physical demands of the job. 


The pictures are my before and after pictures since I've been at FFP. The left pictures were taken January 1st, 2017 and the right pictures were taken February 17th, 2017. In that time period I have lost an additional 9 pounds and 8.25 inches! I have a lot of work to do still, but I am getting there one day at a time."

Sarah Harrison

"Here I was January 2016, way heavier than I wanted to be, unhappy in my body and covering up with scarves and jackets and sweaters all the time...I didn't wear them because I liked it, I wore them to cover up...September 2016-now...I wear scarves, cardigans and jackets because I love to... And I'm down 26 pounds and love going to the gym and learning to lift heavy things!"

Haleigh Bailey

"When I met Michael (owner of FFP), the most I did to work out was a little of P-90x and running. I didn't really know how to progress on my own since I had always depended on playing sports and coaches through out high school for my fitness. On my own I didn't really know what to do.


When Michael showed me how to get strong and make progress I was in awe at how strong I could actually get because I had always been a twig! I now know how important it is to get protein, carbs and the right nutrients to keep growing and staying healthy.


So thankful to be where I am today! 💪🏼👍🏼"

Greg Rutledge

By consistent strength training and following simple meal plan guidelines, Greg has lost 30 pounds and has gone from a 44" waist pants to wearing 38" waist pants!! 💪🏼


We are so excited for all the results Greg has had because of his hard work at FFP!

Jerrell Randolph

"I started my three month plan at FFP right when the new year began. I always have been working out but wanted to go the extra mile and get some personal training to learn and achieve some personal goals. Upon my start at FFP my goals were to gain strength, muscle, tone and lose a few pounds. Micheal worked with me every Monday & Wednesday. When I first started I thought I was already strong which somewhat was true but after the first workout I knew that I had a long way to go to reach the strength and endurance I really wanted. Michael worked hard to train me on the right techniques and form while increasing the weights each week. He also gave me advice and tips on nutrition throughout my time at FFP. After the first month I really noticed a difference I started to feel better and noticed a huge difference in my body. I felt more toned, stronger, and my clothes were getting looser. I really enjoyed my experience at FFP Micheal really pushes and cares about all his clients to see them achieve their goals. After my 3 months at FFP I am happy with most of my results. I am more toned, strength is incredible and I have dropped some pounds. When my friends see me they can really tell the difference and say how I look stronger and more toned. I will recommend FFP to my friends and co-workers.


Thank you Micheal and FFP for helping me achieve my goals."    

Kevin & Tana

"Our experience at Forward Fitness & Performance has been nothing short of amazing! Tana and I have grown so much through the process of our physical training with you. In just 3 months we have both seen our strength increase physically as well our relationship grow stronger because we trained together at FFP. You helped us realize that we can do. Thank you so much for working with us to improve ourselves and reach our goals!"

Carrie Hailes

"When I walked in the first day of training, I was stiff and weak. When I started to workout with Michael, believe me, I had to push through the resistance. But each time I came in, I got better and better and stronger and stronger. I am now a few bounds lighter, walking faster, running up and down the stairs and feeling motivated to continue. I would like to say, "Thank you Michael for a job well done. You know what you're doing and you do it with compassion, fun and excitement."

If you want to lose weight and feel great, give Michael a call right away!!!"


"From the moment I stepped in the gym, you made me feel so comfortable and so welcome. Your kindness kept my confidence up and gave me the courage to keep coming back. Your commitment to helping me, motivates me and I will try my best to use what you have taught me and continue to become a healthier person after I move. You have truly inspired me to strive to better myself! Thank you so much."

Bonita Otey

"I’m a 63 year old retired female.  I signed up for the six-month fitness plan and started working with Michael Bailey on September 1, 2014.  My goals were pretty simple: 


1.     To lose weight

2.    To increase stamina and flexibility

3.    To regain core strength

4.    To tone muscles


Michael helped me to meet and exceed all of my goals.  He worked diligently with me offering tips and encouragement.  At the end of my six-month plan, I have accomplished the following:


1.     Lost a little more than 10 lbs (would have lost more but I wasn’t earnest about sticking to the diet plan).

2.    I’m able to roll around on the floor and run up and down stairs keeping up with my 2 y/o twin grandsons daily.

3.    My core strength has increased significantly.  Doing plank exercises, I’ve gone from not being able to do a plank on the floor to holding a plank on the floor for over a minute.

4.    While I haven’t lost the number pounds I would have liked to, I have lost inches (down one dress size).  My clothes fit much better around my waist and thighs. 


Because of a problem with my left shoulder, when I started this plan, I thought that would hinder my exercise program.  After consulting with a Physical Therapist and being told I had “frozen shoulder” I told Michael.   He researched it and put together a program to help me regain the use of my arm (thereby reducing some of the pain as well).


Working with Michael Bailey has been a pleasure.  He pushed, prodded and encouraged me to meet and exceed my goals."   


Jamie Dubois

"On May 13, 2014, is the day I tore my ACL l in my left knee. It was a great week starting out. I finished my last college exam on that Monday, and that Saturday I was walking across the stage to get my degree. Most seniors stay at school to celebrate senior week, but I chose to come home. I decided I would play softball that Tuesday and that’s when it happened. SNAP!!! I instantly knee I tore something, but never thought it was my ACL.


I worked through the summer because my knee never really hurt unless I twisted a certain way, so I tried to avoid it but when I did twist that way, GOOOOOD LAWD, did it hurt. So I decided to get surgery. On October 20th, 2014, I went in for my complete reconstruction ACL surgery. It was so bad that the doctor told me that he couldn’t any existence of my former ACL. I knew it was going to be a long road to recovery, but I had a beautiful fiancé, and an amazing family that I knew were going to be there to help me every single step of the way. I started physical therapy the day after my surgery and since then I have been trying to recover. I went to every therapy session, but my insurance ran out and I couldn’t go to therapy anymore. That’s when one of my best friends stepped in and offered to help.


Mike Bailey, owner of Forward Fitness and Performance stepped up not only as a owner of an up and coming company but also a best friend. He told me he would help me get back to where I was before my injury, and boy did he. Every week I kept in contact with him asking him questions and he always responding to me and helping me whenever I needed it. When I first started out with him as my trainer, I could barely do 100lbs on the leg press, and that was in the beginning February. Now it being April 29th, I have recently done 770lbs on the leg press.


It has been a long process, but he as a Personal Trainer has made this transition a lot smoother. I knew a lot about lifting and rehabbing, but he as a professional trainer, showed me more to do to strengthen the muscles that I didn’t know needed to be strengthened. I encourage anyone and everyone, whether it is to rehab, or to get bigger, or to tone and cut, to get this guy as your personal trainer. Thanks Mike for everything!!!!!



Jamie DuBois"

Jordan Barbarisi

"I trained under Michael for 4 months and saw tremendous progress. Michael was able to adapt my plan half way through as my training goals changed. I learned of new exercise and how they all fit together to achieve my goals. Although I am no longer training under Michael I will continue to use what he has taught me for the rest of my life!"

Matthew Cribb 

"Overall Experience: Training was a great experience. I now have a better knowledge of exercise moves and terms, and how to execute them. Furthermore the results were what I was aiming for. I have maintained my body weight (losing maybe 2 or 3 lbs of visceral fat, and gaining 4 or 5 lbs of muscle.) I have a better core, and feel better overall. 


Training has not only strengthened my body but also my mind, making better choices with food, and being more alert. Thanks for the dedication to make me a better person, and your encouragement. I look forward to training again in the future."



Natalie Hord

"Getting motivated to go to the gym was not a problem even after making the first trip. Being consistent was slightly difficult due to life getting in the way. And I always felt that despite what I did to work out, nothing seemed to make much difference. I would get a couple of results then stop altogether. I would increase the length of working out, make immediate drastic changes to my diet, but still nothing was really giving the positive results I was looking for. I decided to try personal training. Someone who worked out regularly and could show me different ways of working out and help keep me motivated to push myself.


Starting late last year, I would show up to to training with Michael and strive to do my best each time, always concerned that I would be a disappointment to him.Yet he kept insisting that I would not be; that I was doing great and that together he and I would take small steps to get me the results I was looking for. I accepted that immediate results were not going to happen for me, that I would have bad days, have good days, and have great days. And now, after only a couple months and roughly 10 pounds later, I am doing over 200 pound deadlifts, I have declared myself a 'squat master' and am able to squat over 150 pounds. The dedication, patience and encouragement at and away from the gym by Michael is what has truly made the difference. There have been times that I broke, and you are going to break, but hearing the positive feedback from Michael helped me stay focused and know that one mistake or one day of not feeling that I gave it my all was not the end of the world.


My long term goal may still be a ways away, but the fact that I look forward to going to the gym, whether to train with Michael or solo, makes a difference. The more sweat and possible tears, the more it shows that you, I, are dedicated to bettering myself and feeling better. And having a personal trainer who is vibrant, challenges you, and understands that life throws you curve balls, helps. Michael is not only my trainer, but my gym partner."



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