Training Services

Small Group Training

Our Group Training classes at FFP are designed to help people with all levels of fitness experience and ability live an overall healthier, more energized life. Within an atmosphere of camaraderie, you will become a stronger, fitter, and healthier you while working with a trainer. 


Group Strength Training classes utilize a variety of equipment and movements in your 60 minute work out to ensure you that you exercise your full body every time. Group Conditioning, or Calorie Burn classes, are specifically designed to help individuals increase their endurance and mobility while burning as many calories as possible within the 45 minute class. 


All movements and exercises can be modified to fit your abilities and needs as an individual, but you’ll be surrounded by others taking their health to the next level with you! 


All Group training sessions are capped at 8 clients per class which allows us to give each client proper attention by coaching each exercise with precision.  You get all the benefits of personal training in a positive and inspiring team atmosphere to ensure exceptional results!

Semi-Private Personal Training


Semi-private training is a version of one-on-one personal training that offers you the same quality service, individualized programming, and top-notch coaching of typical one-on-one personal training. With semi-private training, you will work with a your personal training program and a personal trainer, while 0-2 others perform their own personal workouts alongside you. Research has shown that this approach to training provides superior results compared to traditional one-on-one training due to the camaraderie, support and motivating atmosphere.


Whether you have goals to lose fat, get stronger, increase mobility, gain muscle, or perform for an approaching athletic event or season, semi-private personal training can meet your specific needs for your fitness goals. 


You’ll have an individualized program, be able to work toward your personal fitness goals in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere, and have the flexibility to schedule your own sessions.


Sports Performance Training

Forward Fitness & Performance's sports performance program is designed to help athletes, ages 10-19, increase their performance on their respective playing field or court. Our goal is to help each athlete maximize their athletic potential by developing strength, power, speed, coordination, agility, flexibility, and endurance, with additional focus on injury prevention, recovery and nutrition.


Whether your student needs a quick month of preparation for his or her next try-out, is a year-round athlete and needs a full-time strength and agility program, or somewhere in between, we would love to help them reach their goals at Forward Fitness & Performance. 


We offer training sessions Mon-Thurs afternoons and evenings, as well as Saturday morning. We have a variety of different packages available for you to choose from, based on your student's individualized needs, schedule and your budget. We want to help as many student athletes as possible reach their performance goals in the most optimal way possible! 


What does a training session entail?


After proper warm up, your student will spend 30 minutes working on speed and agility, followed by 45 minutes of strength training. Both speed/agility and strength training will be closely monitored by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to ensure safety, proper form, and appropriate level of difficulty for each student.


Sports performance training will be structured in a group setting which is capped at no more than 8 students per class. This ensures each athlete receives individualized attention and is progressing safely and effectively.  


We offer both beginner/intermediate and advanced level classes to ensure your athlete is challanged according to their ability and maturity level.


Our Zumba classes are a FUN calorie-burning workout for any level of fitness or experience! The classes involve upbeat Latin music and a variety of dance steps to help you burn tons of calories without even realizing it!


Classes are taught by a Certified Zumba instructor and are meant for any level of dance experience. The goal of our classes is for you to get your body moving and have fun, so even if you've never taken a Zumba class, you'll fit right in!


Classes are Tuesdays at 7:00PM and Thursdays at 12:00PM. They last about an hour.


$5 cash for a single session (no need to sign-up beforehand) or you can buy a 10 class package for $40 with cash or card. 

Ready to schedule a Strategy Session?

Our "Strategy Session" is simply a 20 minute appointment where we'll have a conversation about your goals. We'll talk about what you want to achieve, what kind of challenges you've encountered in the past, and what we can do to help. 


Send us your info and couple times that work for you. Simple!

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